Reading through the Bible in a year

I’m encouraging my church to join in reading through the Scriptures together in 2013 – here is part of what I have suggested as an aide.

“Just a couple of tips – if you miss a day, do not worry, or try to catch up, this will just turn it into a chore! Start again with the reading set for the day. And if something grabs your attention, then stop, turn to God in prayer or praise or lament or in whatever way seems appropriate.

This scheme will take you through the whole Bible in a year and twice through some parts. It is adapted from a scheme supplied by the Christian Medical Fellowship and includes a reading from the Old and New Testament everyday as well as a reading from the Psalms, the prayer book of God’s people down through the ages.

Yes there are parts of the Scriptures which may seem arid (having OT and NT readings will help in this regard), but not all of life is through well watered places 🙂 )
Perhaps you might like to keep a small journal of those things that seem Significant to you as a memorial of the way you have made your was as a Pilgrim through the Scriptures this year?”

As someone said to me recently – it is surely better to memorize one chapter of scripture than to read it all through and never take any in.  “What profiteth it a man . . .”

Hope that helps!

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