When I were a wee lad. . .

I went to hospital for a ‘minor op’

It took two weeks

A week leading up the surgery

And a week’s convalescence

We have forgotten much – nowadays, UK at least I’d be in and out inside two or three days


Productive once more

Able to ‘function’ and take my allotted place in ‘the bigger scheme of things’

Back then life was undeniably harder in some regards

It was also gentler


The modern world is a hard task master and some of us are more than hard enough on ourselves

We need to convalesce

To get to that point where we are Utterly Frustrated with being kept in bed, by those who are Wiser than we. To be Well

It is like the walk of faith
We think we’ve ‘got it!’, but we’re not yet well

We need to convalesce

After all, God is at work

We’re not really all that necessary . . .

We ‘need to concentrate on getting well’

And That is a parable of sorts

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