Faith in the margins

In the Acts of the Apostles (ch6, v3) there are only two qualifications for being a Deacon, not three (or four)

They were to be full of the Spirit, and Wisdom (indeed, that might be one qualification, but that’s another matter. There are no Oxford commas in the Greek)

Missing? The Necessary qualification of enough discretionary time for this work . . .!!! Not reported but quite clearly a textual omission

Unless a) these folk had loads of ‘free’ time on their hands, or b) their understanding of church and faith and ‘The Kingdom of God’ was radically different to ours

So obviously either Luke must have failed to mention it, or they must have had loads of free time on their hands . . . Obviously

(Oh, and of course Dr Luke also failed to mention that they enquired as to the candidates’ own sense of call. . .)

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