Through the Bible in a Year – April 13

The Scheme for March – April can be found here

Deut 23-24; 1 Thes 3-4; Psalm 119:129-144

‘Therefore, when we could stand it no longer . . .’

In the last verses of yesterday’s reading from Thessalonians, we heard of Paul’s profound love for his new brothers and sisters.

Just take a moment to consider this.

Then he carries on with the words at the top of this post. Now remember, Paul’s relationship to these believers is at best sketchy – they don’t go back years and years, he has no blood tie – his only bond with them is that they are his fellow Christians. Yet he speaks of his affection and his desire to be with them in terms which frankly few of us use outside of profound romantic attatchments, or as parents to children.

Perhaps in this latter there is an echo of what is going on, for Paul has ‘parented’ these Christians. But I think in these words there is a HUGE challenge to us in terms of our Devotion to one another as borthers and sisters in the LORD.

Is this how we relate to those people with whom we worship Sunday by Sunday? Put another way, do we truly recognise Christ in one another.

Our devotion to Him is only in truth as deep as our devotion to one another . . . and vice versa.

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