Through the BIble in a year – May 6

The scheme for May – June can be found here

Jdg 15-17; Mark 10: 32-52; Psalm 9

So finally Samson comes to a violent end. Having like Israel been seduced and lost his power, the restoration of his power leads not only to the destruction of Israel’s enemies, but to his own destruction as well. There is no real hope in this narrative

Turning to the gospel – again there is little relief. Mark keeps returning to the same themes. Jesus over and over again undoing the attempts of the disciples to write the story they want for themselves for it is found to be utterly wanting. They are blind – they do not get it. Unlike the man who cannot see – who cries out the only cry that should ever come from our lips – have mercy on us. How much of our fine church programmes cries out to Him – ‘we need your mercy!’? How much says ‘we’re doing pretty well on our own, thank you’

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