Through the Bible in a Year – May 13

The scheme for May – June can be found here

1 Ch 4-5; Mark 16; Psalm 18:31-50

Three things to say about the Resurrection in Mark’s gospel

Firstly – its not the ending we want – the church has tried over and again to write a ‘better’ ending. We’re not meant to add to the words of the book.

Secondly – it is clear why. Imagine arguing your case with non-believers, and saying – ‘you are pinning your argument on an empty tomb and some terrified women?’ Like our burning desire to abandon the Cross , to fail to see there the Son of God, to turn it into a neat doctrine or an example (except of course we never do use it truly as an example) – see yesterday’s post – so also we can’t bear the starkness of mark’s account. We demand more, we think we need more, more than a crucified God, more than an empty tomb. ‘They fled from the tomb . . .’ Mark tells us – how strange that we have turned Easter into a festival of joy, when the true apprehension of the Resurrection brings terror.  Perhaps we have domesticated it . . . Perhaps therefore it has lost its power amongst us?

Thirdly – the hope is in the words of the angels. You cannot see, Trust – believe – go to Galilee – you will see him there. And yes there is hope for us all ‘tell his disciples . . . and Peter’ – Yes even Peter is invited to faith. To step into the darkness of this death and resurrection account and therein to find the hand of God [Isaiah 50:10].

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