Through the Bible in a Year – May 26th

The scheme for May – June can be found here

1 Sa 21-23; 1 Pet 2-3; Psalm 35

For many, especially those who have been brought up in a largely Protestant way of understanding, the Central truth of the corporate nature of faith is often all but absent. Church if it has any significance at all is a largely technical institution, there for us to help us in our individual walk. Peter would not recognise such a faith or such a church.

In English, the plural of ‘you’ is ‘you’, and we are well trained not to expect the plural. The controlling myths of our culture which distort our lives in so many ways perhaps do more damage in this area than in any other. Read verses 1-10 of 1 Peter 2 – listening to Peter addressing the church. How do We let Ourselves be built into a spiritual house?

This is Vital truth. If we do not see Christ in our brothers and sisters, we are kidding ourselves when we say that we know him. Christ is Our Life – He makes himself known to us as we are together. The Risen Christ comes and stands amongst his dsiciples, most especially in the breaking of Bread.

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