Through the BIble in a Year – June 16

The scheme for May – June can be found here

1 Ch 23-24; Rev 22; Psalm 60-61

We come to the final chapter of Revelation. In a sense the End of Scripture – although by no means the end of our year of readings. Here we find once more a river, and the tree that our forebears ignored – the tree of Life.

It is in many regards a wonder full thing that these verses close the canon, not least because the place of Revelation within the canon of Scripture was not always certain in the early years of the church. It belinged as we have seen to that line of scriptures called Apocalyptic, and others well known to the early Christians faded from view over the first couple of hundred years of the life of the church, leaving Revelation as The Apocalyptic scripture in the New Testament (perhaps we might also squeeze Jude in there as well?)

Certainly it makes the finest of ‘endings’ – with the reader focussed on the hope and expectation of seeing Christ.

Amen. Come Lord Jesus! is our prayer – perhaps the culmination of all prayer

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