Through the Bible in a Year – June 19

The scheme for May – June can be found here

1 Ki 1; Mat 3; Psalm 66

One of the key titles for Jesus in Matthew is ‘Son of David’. We find the angel also addresses Joseph thus – so it of course at one level means ‘in the lineage of David’. But at another it expresses Israel’s Messianic hope – the ‘annointed one’ – the Christ – that is the King.

Of course ‘King’ ‘covers a multitude of sins’. Anyone aware of human history knows that those who lead are every bit as flawed as those who are led. So the story of David ends in 1 Kings, not in a blaze of glory, but with an enfeebled king dying and being manipulated by those around him. This is unpacked over the first two chapters as Solomon accedes to the throne – but we see David now enacting revenge that for some reason in his strength he had refused to be associated with.

Perhaps it is here we see David in Truth? Certainly it is instructive that our scriptures do not engage in hagiography – at least the Samuel/Kings account does not.

But now another King steps onto the stage – Jesus embarks on his public ministry – heralded by the abrasive character of the Baptist – who preaches repentance in readiness to meet with the coming one, the one who will baptise with fire – and with the very life of God.

Yet Jesus himself sees how important it is that everything be fulfilled – so he too is baptised. In so doing Identifying fully with repentant Israel, and more broadly all those who repent and turn to God. And in this he is annointed with the Spirit which he will pass on to those who follow him, and is declared the beloved Son of God.

The identification of Jesus with his own is I think worthy of much meditation – we are found ‘in Christ’ to use Paul’s phrase.

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