Through the Bible in a Year – July 11

The scheme for July and August can be found here

2 Ch 5-6; Matt 24; Psalm 90

Two points to ponder from our gospel reading today

Firstly regarding the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. As we know Jesus Christ is himself that new temple. As we his church are his body, what does that mean for us (questions of church buildings aside – after all even house churches meet in a building 🙂 )

Secondly regarding watchfulness. Here Jesus gives us two different accounts of what that means. On the one hand we are to read the signs of the times for his appearing. This requires a two fold sensitivity – to his Spirit and to the world in which we live. Secondly, Jesus tells us that the Son of Man will come ‘at an unexpected hour’. Thus we are to be alert.

Both accounts coincide in the need to be attentive to him. Peter in his final encounter with Jesus in John’s gospel, is distracted by the beloved disciple. ‘What about him?’ he asks. Jesus tells Peter that that is not his concern – he is to follow. We are a very distracted people in a very distracted age. We pray less than ever, we read the scriptures less. Put differently we are less attentive and ‘give too much time to indifferent things’ [Cardinal Joseph Surin]

We should Hear the words of Christ.

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