Through the Bible in a Year – July 19

The scheme for July and August can be found here

1 Ki 14-15; Acts 3; Psalm 103

One of the names by which God is known in the scriptures is Yahweh Yireh, the God who provides. This name comes from the seminal incident of the sacrifice of Isaac. ‘On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided’

Psalm 103 is the most blessed mediation on the provision of God. It is more than worth taking much time with this and indeed  committing it to heart. One of our great failings as Christians is to fail to recognise God as provider. How infrequently for example do we say grace before eating?

Whilst we do give thanks for the death and Resurrection of Jesus, in many regards we cannot fully comprehend this provision apart from the provision of everything. Put another way, when we fully recognise God’s provision  of Life for us in Jesus, then and only then do we truly appreciate the provision of all things (Romans 8:32). If we are not living lives of blessing towards God for the provision of everything, perhaps that sense of his provision in Christ has at best fallen asleep?

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