Through the Bible in a Year – July 21

1 Ki 18-19; Acts 5; Psalm 105 vs 1-25

One of the great sins of Ahab, following in the footsteps of his ancestor Solomon, is to marry outside of Israel – thus steps onto the stage Jezebel, the follower of Baal, and the tumultuous showdown on Mount Carmel.

At stake one question. Who is God?

As Elijah – ‘The LORD is God’ – triumphs spectacularly, that question is answered resoundingly.

But this question is one that Always recurs amongst God’s people. The people of Israel proclaim, The LORD is God! But soon they ‘forget’. The weeds spring up – they have no root – the word is snatched away.

We could do worse than rise each morning to proclaim, The LORD, He is God.

Of course – as we know – the prophets are persecuted for Righteousness sake. Jezebel comes down on Elijah in fury for the slaying of the priests of Ba’al. Perhaps it is that we do not know such furious persecution because the city of our hearts ‘is full of idols’?

‘In your hearts, set apart Jesus Christ as Lord’

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