Through the Bible in a Year – July 25

The scheme for July and August can be found here

2 Ch 13-15; Acts 9; Psalm 107 vs 1-22

Yesterday we thought briefly about the Psalms – about how they place us before God. As we say the Psalms we are directly addressing God in words given to us by God. Praying the Psalms recenters us – it turns us outward from ourselves towards God, ad thus the other. Thus they reverse the headlong dash to incurvatus religion beloved of most in the church today.

Our fundamental orientation is incurvatus – turned in on ourselves. The work of Conversion is to turn us outward – that we Love God with all we have and are and in all cases seek to ensure that those whom we meet are as well treated as we treat ourselves, the task of obedience to the Great commandment – that which brings Life.

This conversion is perhaps nowhere better illustrated than in the story of Saul / Paul. It is worthwhile considering this story and allowing it to inform our own necessary conversion – that we to wait on the Lord til he tells us what he requires of us.

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