Through the Bible in a Year – July 30

The scheme for July – August can be found here

2 Ki 6-7; Acts 14; Psalm 112-113

Yesterday we thought briefly how the source of the Life that was in Elisha was his absorption in the life of God. So devoted was he to God that he did not even rise to answer the door when Naaman came to call. [Of course we find this very hard to accept – witness the many sermons on Martha and Mary that sympathise with Martha, or that say ‘we need Marthas and Marys’ – completely ignoring the words of Jesus]

To be so absorbed in God is to see that there is no division between the Earthly and the Heavenly – only the heavy shroud of our own self obsession keeps us from seeing the chariots and horsemen of Israel.

This perception is of course what the scriptures enjoin us to over and over again. The Fear of God, which means we have no fear even if our city is surrounded by opposing forces, let alone the many minor fears which beset us.

Once more we are enjoined to pray the Psalms – to let go of our self obsession, that is the blindness of Sin.

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