Psalm 72 – The true King

From my morning office

Captivated by Psalm 72 – how the true King is acknowledged by all the nations because he defends the needy and crushes the oppressor, because he shall deliver the poor, because he shall redeem their lives from oppression and violence, because their blood is dear in his sight.

This year the Sunday Gospel is predominantly taken from Luke where this theme of the True King who does justice to the poor is most clear. From the announcement of Jubilee in Nazareth, the declaration that all the land and wealth the rich had amassed would be redistributed – to the blessings and woes, on the poor for theirs is the Kingdom, against the rich for they have already eaten well – to the parable which makes this most plain, that of Dives and Lazarus – Luke reveals the coming Messianic King foretold in Psalm 72

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