Through the Bible in a Year – August 8

The Scheme for July and August can be found here

2 Ki 17-18; Acts 23; Psalm 119:81-96

The soul of the Psalmist languishes, looking for the salvation of God.

From the context it seems he waits for a change in his own circumstances – but we can look further afield. For most of us our circumstances are historically most comfortable – we of all people should have a bigger vision of the Salvation of God, that the whole created order which has been languishing might be transformed.

The languishing of the soul of the Psalmist resonates with the languishing of creation which still lies under the heel of our own ‘unsavedness’ – our own lack of apprehension of who and where we are that causes us to live like blind and dumb beasts, bulls in china shops, insensitive to our context.

If our souls languish – we should pray ‘open our eyes, that we might see the wonders of your law’.

The Law of God, rather than being a set of strange and arbitrary rules and regulations is a profound ordering of the Cosmos itself. Transgression of the Law, living in ignorance of who and where we are and thus destroying this ordering, is the seat of our difficulties and the cause of the Salvation of God.

The 119th Psalm in its acrostic form, is an extended meditation on the Law of God, which is perfect and converts the soul. It’s very shape and pattern points beyond itself to the very structure of the created order, hidden from sin blind eyes.

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