Just doing my job

This is why all Christians are Saints

Lost in the North

Okay, here’s the deal.

Technically, we clergy people are supposed to eschew careers and be content to be  “called” to where we are. Of course like all human endeavours calling can be interpreted in certain ways.  There are the shiny vicars who are “called” to big shiny churches and seem not to be called to small struggling churches. There are the slack ones who either run out of steam or didn’t have much in the first place and hunker down in a safe place and see out their career from there.

The majority of us get called to places where we experience joy and pain, victory and defeat, frustration and inspiration. We don’t get our names on plaques or “10 to watch” lists but we’re not quite forgotten when we are gone either. In end, we spend our time just being ourselves and usually that is good enough for God…

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