First Vespers of the Feast of the Nativity

The Antiphon for the Magnificat

‘When the sun rises in the morning sky, you will see the King of kings coming forth from the Father lioke a radiant bridegroom from the bridal chamber. Alleluia’



The Word became flesh in order that all of humanity might be revealed as children of God. Let us pray to him and say: Jesus, born of Mary, hear our prayer

That holy Church enjoy a rebirth in this glorious feast and proclaim throughout the world the eternal kingdom of heaven, we pray Jesus, born of Mary . . .

That we show forth the birth of God’s Son by a new way of life, a new love for people and a new regard for the good things of this world, we pray Jesus, born of Mary . . .

That Christian communities celebrate this feats with joy, with all the happiness and delight of the family of God, we pray Jesus, born of Mary . . .

That with simplicity of spirit we stand in wonder to proclaim with the shepherds joy and glory and peace, we pray Jesus, born of Mary . . .

That we all find Christ reborn in our hearts so that together we may show forth his meekness and poverty, we pray Jesus, born of Mary . . .


Concluding prayer

Lord God, whilst all the world lay wrapp’d in deepest silence, and night had reaached its mid-point, your all-powerful Word came down. As year by year the beauty of this night returns, growing old with the aged and renewed in the wonder of children, so may we, grown old in sin but reborn to grace, proclaim with our lives what we chant with our lips:

Glory to you, our God, in the highest heaven, peace on earth and in the depth of every human heart. We ask this through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, God with us. Amen

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