Dying discreetly

Some important thoughts from +Nick.

It is interesting that this is published at a time when there have been a flood of articles re concern over pornography on the internet. +Nick wonders about the possibility of a Doctorate exploring Narcissm and conversion based on fear of hell. I wonder if there might be one in exploring the link between the rampant self disclosure of much social media and what we term ‘darker’ aspects of internet freedom? Are they at base too closely related for comfort?

Hiddenness, an oft and blatantly ignored aspect of The Kingdom of God is not a dominant characteristic of contemporary life in liberal democracies – the internet is one of the most powerful symbols of our age.

(And yes, I am not unaware of the irony of thus ‘thinking out loud’)


Naomi Wolf, writing in the NY Times addresses the link between pornography and the disappearance of mystery, which is a significant correlate of ‘Hiddenness’

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The first day of my sabbatical. Thirty books to start on – two months to read as much as possible. I am afraid there's going to be an awful lot of book stuff on this blog in the next few weeks. (Enjoying Lucy Hughes-Hallett's The Pike today.)

Then there's the closing of the January transfer window with Liverpool having bought nobody to strengthen an inadequately broad enough squad. Oh dear.

But, what has grabbed my attention is an article I picked up yesterday on the Die Zeit website. Written by Ulrich Greiner (publisher of Zeitliteratur magazine) and sparked by the announcement that novelist Henning Mankell has decided to record in print his 'journey with cancer', the piece is headed “Man sollte diskret sterben” – one should die discreetly. His point? This sort of description of suffering is essentially narcissistic.

Apparently, Mankell has decided to record his “fight against cancer” (a…

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