Lent – 40 Day ‘Retreat’ – Day 16

A Pause

If you are anything like me, you absorb a lot of information. Threads such as this one are in some regards most unhelpful for us – for we never settle with one idea, one thought, one necessary thing. Journals become places for us where we put things in order to forget them (however well intentioned we are)

So let us pause

Look back at the past 16 days

What is the One thing necessary?

What is the one gift the Lent might have for you?

Has it got lost under many other thoughts and ideas?

If it is The Gift, then unsubscribe from this blog.

One thought on “Lent – 40 Day ‘Retreat’ – Day 16

  1. I find my journal is a ‘listening’ book, which helps me to reflect and remember, and gather graces. And the one necessary thing does not preclude other graces (such as this blog may well be), but rather invite them.

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