Lent – 40 day ‘Retreat’ – Day 18

Soon I shall return to where we left off – to consider the second disconnection my recent retreat offered me, disconnection from the Internet.

As we shall see, this was more than metaphor, and the gift of it was more than I could have imagned in terms of learning about myself and my relationship with God.

For now I share a little insight from the world of morticians told me by a good friend who is in the business.

When preparing a body for ‘viewing’ by family and friends, enbalmers take great care to notice those things that many of us would like to get rid of – signs of ‘aging’, wrinkles. But rather than calling them signs of aging, why not call them signs about our physical life.

This particular insight however is both an insight into physical life, and also our disconnection. Of using our bodies to escape from our surroundings. A New wrinkle has been identified. Not previously seen, below the chin at the top of the neck. It has been labelled ‘cell phone’ wrinkle. For it records the repetitive looking down at our cell phones.

We are our bodies – they even tell us when we are trying to escape them.

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