Through the Bible in a Year – May 28th

The scheme for May – June can be found here

1 Sa 26-28; 2 Pet 1; Psalm 37:1-19

For all the violence associated with David, and there is much – it is this which makes him an unsuitable candidate to build a temple [1 Ch 28:1-3] – he is profoundly aware of the holiness of God. So he risks his life in sparing the life of Saul – who is the LORD’s annointed. It is this reverence for God which sets David apart – his heart for God, his awareness of that which is Holy.

We live in an age where The Holy, and holiness are off the agenda. This is perhaps the hallmark of the secular age in which we live and of course it is just as evident in our churches as anywhere else, so much are we children of this present age. There is no fear and trembling – there is no awe. Jesus is our pal – God is benevolent and harmless grandfather figure. Even David would have trouble identifying us as people after the heart of God.

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