Through the Bible in a Year – May 29th

The scheme for May – June can be found here

1 Sa 29-31; 2 Pet 2-3; Psalm 37:20-40

Certainly the last two chapters of the second letter of Peter are sobering, to say the least.

Yesterday we considered David’s apprehension of that which is Holy. Today we read of those who have no such discernment – those ‘Bold and wilful . . . [who] are not afraid to slander the glorious ones, whereas angels . . .’ fear to tread there. Foolishness as the proverbs point out time and again causes us to trample on the holy. They give no life – they are waterless springs and mists driven by a storm.

Against this picture of darkness, we hear the word of Grace. “The Lord is not slow about his promise . . . but is patient with you (remember here that Peter is not speaking to those outside of the church!), not wanting any to perish, but all to come to repentance”

Thus . . . ‘strive to be found by him at peace without spot or blemish and regard the patience of the Lord as salvation.’

As our Lord tells us – ‘strive to enter in at the narrow door’. [This echo of Jesus in 2 Peter suggesting that it is indeed the apostle who writes these things, contrary to some scholarship.The same may also be said of the authenticity of the letter of James. Here is clearly someone who knows the Lord]

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